A carp-themed campaign for Lékárnu.cz

Dolní uvozovky
Dolní uvozovky

Professional work from the first idea. Rough drafts to wireframes and designs, all the way to the finished page. Plus, videos, graphics for Facebook, newsletters, banners… everything 😊. We relied on the Logos agency in two, large campaigns and during several smaller ones and it really was great, every time. These guys are unbelievably versatile. They are able to orient themselves amongst a large amount of requests and reminders while continuously moving things forward.

Zuzana Šenoltová
Brand Marketing Manager

Dolní uvozovky

Interactive, Christmas micro-site for the LÉKÁRNA.CZ E-SHOP

Lékárna.cz is both the first and the largest internet seller of pharmaceutical goods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. During the Autumn of 2015, Lékárna.cz decided to make their customers’ Christmas time more pleasant by making a competitive campaign for them to play. And we were there for it. We created an interactive micro site – a small carp pool with the carp, Šupináč, as the main character. We recommended both the graphic and the textual look for the page, came up with the campaign’s slogan, “The carp with something under his scales” and we let the visitors gradually uncover prizes under his scales. More than 20,000 users registered in this carp-themed competition. Thanks to this great success, we repeated the same thing the next year. 😊

Kapr, ten má pod šupinou


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