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Dolní uvozovky
Dolní uvozovky

We started working with Pavel Šenkapoun back in the “Nejlepší copywriter” (The best copywriter) days and after the birth of Logos Agency, we entered into a long-term partnership. I personally appreciate Pavel and his team not just for their ability to write readable texts and their ability to come up with original ideas, but also for keeping their word and honoring deadlines. This is far from common when it comes to copywriters.

Radovan Jelen
Managing Director

Dolní uvozovky

Copywriting of the company website and of the annual micro site, FG Forrest

FG Forrest is one of the biggest Czech web agencies and we, as their constant partners, are running right alongside them (but since we are not as talented as them at sports, it is difficult to keep up). Textualizing the FG website was a great honor for us, as well as a good time, since we love the people at Forrest, just as much as we love the story of their namesake, F. Gump. And perhaps even more than the copywriting for the company site, we enjoyed the creation of the text for the micro page, launched for the celebration of the 20 years that have passed since Forrest started up his professional career. But we enjoyed the birthday party most of all 😊.

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