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Dolní uvozovky
Dolní uvozovky

Copywriting for the new Komerční banka (Commercial Bank) website presented a challenging project, in which it was necessary for us to process large amounts of materials and to combine the product managers’ requirements on one hand with the web designers’ requirements on the other. The copywriters from the Logos agency managed to take care of this and also showed that they can handle not only the textual art work, but also the organizational work and correspondence with the client.”

Petr Foltýn
Manager of the Production and service division

Dolní uvozovky

Copywriting the Commercial Bank’s pages of products

One day, FG Forrest contacted us to start the arrangements for the Commercial Bank website. Our task was to revise the current product’s texts, convert them into more legible forms and to also adapt their lengths to match the parameters of the website’s template. That last point especially proved to be unusually difficult, because shortening a half standard page of text into 25 characters is no joke. And we faced similar situations practically daily. It proved to be the largest and most managerially challenging order that we have ever worked on. Not a sprint or a short-distance run, but rather a true marathon. During the half year, in which we were receiving these nearly 200 lists of products, we became banking experts and we worked hard, day and night, to fulfill their expectations, but most importantly, their deadlines. We are very happy that our modest work could contribute to Commercial Bank receiving an award in the WEB TOP 100 competition in 2016.

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