We are planting vivid content on Bakker’s Facebook

Dolní uvozovky
Dolní uvozovky

The Logos creators write fresh texts. They largely respond lightning fast to our requests and the content they create for our Facebook is both textually and graphically well-done. We have a very proper and pleasant cooperative relationship with them.

Bohumil Karafiát
Marketing manager

Dolní uvozovky

The creation and administration of content
for the Bakker.com Facebook page

Bakker Holland operates the biggest mail-order business for gardeners in the EU and can be found in 20 European countries. We helped this multinational company to create a strategy for their Czech social site, to organize several competitions, and to lead a sales campaign on Facebook. We have been creating content for Czech Facebook pages for a long time now. Apart from content, we also recommend and textualize printed advertisements and product micro pages. We work on commission, under the terms of a partnership, with the Pardubice agency, 200M.

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