We built a digital, aerial bridge between AERO Vodochody and new colleagues

Dolní uvozovky
Dolní uvozovky

The people from Logos are always surprising us with their ideas, their creativity, their ability to put the pieces together and to come up with suggestions that make sense. This truly isn’t something that every agency can do. We also appreciate their high quality of graphical outputs and their great commitment to handling orders.

Michal Gembický
HR & Staffing Manager

Dolní uvozovky

Recruitment page for Aero Vodochody

The AERO Vodochody company is historically the largest producer of trainer, jet airplanes in the world. A Czech national treasure, a legend, who we are very happy and proud to work for. We have been helping the Human Resources department with recruitment campaigns. For example, we make creative, printed advertisements. We recommend roll-up banners, leaflets, posters… Surely the biggest project was the complete realization of the recruitment pages, where we thought up a creative concept, took care of the graphics, copy and coding. The result was an interactive website, which brings other brilliant minds and skilled hands to AERO.

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