We were responsible for three brands of ADLER at once

Dolní uvozovky
Dolní uvozovky

Their performance was professional, the reactional period quick and they were very willing to listen to our remarks and requests. The people from Logos know how to make fun of themselves while using proper communication, but can at the same time, be friendly and approachable, kind and at times, even fun. 😊

Elena Yaneva
Senior Brand Manager

Dolní uvozovky

Communication strategy and copywriting for the three brands of ADLER

The company, ADLER Czech a.s. is the largest manufacturer of advertisement texts in Central Europe. In June of 2016, the people at ADLER wrote us a nice email asking if we could help them with a communication manual and with the copywriting of their new brand, Piccolio. Of course, we were glad to help, and our work made the client so happy that, since that day, we also arranged the “tone of voice” for another one of their new brands, RIMECK. In the end, we were able to do the same for the entire company of ADLER. In addition to this, we also wrote the text for a series of products, claims, email correspondence, printed messages and even wrote the text for one website, meant for the Chinese market.

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