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We are a content-creative agency with a specialization for words. We create strategies, creative concepts and content for digital and other media. We build virtual worlds from ideas, emotions, thoughts, visions, pictures and dreams.

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We started an independent group of creatives built around the blog Nejlepší copywriter (The best copywriter). When our client base and orders gradually began to grow, we decided to keep the blog, but to also establish a maternity agency as well (yes, we played a little bit with the concept of causality and time sequence). We named the agency, Logos, which means both “word” and “purpose” in ancient Greek. Words are our main instrument of work. And we love it when texts, campaigns or strategies make sense.

We are not a full-service agency. We don’t do everything. We only offer what we really know how to do, what we enjoy doing and what we believe in. Jaroslav Seifert wrote: “I believe that finding beautiful words is better than killing or murdering.” And we feel the same way.



We create communicative, branded and content driven strategies. We help brands that are new to the world and we also help well-established brands find their way to a unique language and style. Most often, our customers have requests regarding tone of voice, style guides and content strategies for their projects.


We write all types of texts for digital and classic media. We have written the text of hundreds of websites, we create slogans, posts to social media, scripted videos, printed advertisements, thematic articles, banner texts, PPC advertisements, catalogues… Simply anything you can put into words.

Social media

If you ask us, social sites are the best tools that you can use to get your created content to the people. We help our clients with the management of their Facebook pages and paid campaigns and if needed, we even involve other forms of social media.

Graphics and design

Words are not the only medium that carries meaning. Their impact is determined by correct typography, the artistic process and the design as a whole. In order for our words to ensure the ideal, graphic requirements, we work with amazing graphic artists and we provide our customers with a product of corporate identity, printed outlets or web graphics.


We are creatives with a wide range of ideas – from conservative to the most spectacular. We come up with creative concept campaigns, competitions, microsites, games, applications, websites, infographics, banners, videos and anything else that you can think of.

Other services

In cooperation with our partners, we are also successful in ensuring the production of videos, creative microsites and classic corporate and production websites. For projects handled by external suppliers, we usually provide creative leadership or supervision.


We successfully plan and ensure the production of complex, online campaigns with the utilization of all conceivable formats. We are capable of providing campaign microsites, creating all kinds of content and ensuring PPC and display advertisements. However, we do not do media purchases.

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